This Is What We Do. This Is How We Do It

Each time a British student phones us up, describes a situation at hand and asks for qualified help, we have no choice but to do everything in our hands to deliver. That’s our job. Assisting UK high school, college and university students is what we do for living.

As far as academia writing help goes, it’s not only getting assignments done from square one. Here at we also contribute to proofreading already complete manuscripts, elaborating on drafts and their improvement, providing vivid writing samples and reference papers, etc.

Anything related to writing difficulties is taken care of and solved for good. As a team, we suggest clients think of custom writing as a highly specialized instrument to achieve better studying performance at any given moment of time, seamlessly and without any room for second thought.

Who’s in the team?

All in all, there’re almost 600 degreed writers and proofreaders in the panel. Some have custom writing as their primary source of occupation. Some write papers for money in free time after work, being employed at law firms, labs, educational establishments, international companies, etc. Everyone with a degree in a particular field and actual working experience is most welcome, given the three tests (two on writing and one psychological) come back fine.

Apart from the writing and copyediting experts, there’re out lenient billing manager who call you up after an order is placed for verifying it and 24-7 Support operators ready to hear you out and assist on a toll-free hotline around the clock.

Why is the right choice?

Simply put, we’re British, and we understand what British students need like no one else. In addition, based in the UK we offer way more affordable rates per page than they do on US located services. With this in mind, billing fees and hidden converting charges are absent. British students deserve to pay fair fees!

In addition to perfect timing, top-notch content level by UK experts and beneficial discount system, is definitely the right choice for any school, college and university student in Great Britain.